Advocate For Mental Illness

The television is shouting another killing event.  The perpetrator, who had been telling everyone he felt like killing and had been amassing guns, has also killed himself.  We say someone should do something about mental health.

Your grandchild is afraid to go back to school for fear of being shot. He is afraid, trying to “suck it up,” and has become very quiet.  Someone should do something about mental health education at his school.

You are afraid, have scary dreams and hear voices, and you know you are about to do something not in your usual life scheme.  You need help. Someone should do something.

                   OOPS!   It may be you!

In each instance, the someone who should do something is you. You can learn to advocate for yourself. You can advocate for others. And you can learn how to do it for groups.

This site gives you these informational helps if you fall into the “OOPS I may  need to be an advocate” category:

  1. I Didn’t Know I Was An Advocate   A look at the author’s path of discovering that she was an advocate and perhaps find yourself in some of those ways
  2. Become An Advocate for Mental Health   Use your varied gifts and choose your options for your your personal form as an advocate
  3. Develop Your Advocacy Plan   Develop your plan after studying the options and fitting it to your gifts and time schedule
  4. Social Media as a Means of Advocacy   How to fit social media into your action plan
  5. Understand Pesky Slights – Microaggressions   Learn to recognize some pesky slights that are much more than pesky slights