Googlesymptomitis Considered

Lack of information from doctors these days can drive you to google almost any symptom or medical procedure often with terrifying or hilarious results.


I googled a 2 D Echeo test of my heart and came up with this,”A Negative test is not always an indicator for euthanasia.” Yipes! Then I noticed the site was one with the title Vet in the middle.  Glad I’m not a dog.  I was recently removed from an experimental 4 Aminopyradine  drug for multiple sclerosis, and, with a lack of information about withdrawal, I googled it.  “Direct effects can be paw pinch and skin shrinkage,”  I googled paw-pinch, and found out that it is a dog thing. So I don’t have paw-pinch. You never know about some of these crazy terms.  Lots of information out there, some of it correct, some of it from a foreign country with poor language and primitive ideas, some from other sources that are helpful, but care is needed to read the site name and take information with a grain of the well known salt.


It would be so easy if doctors would take a few minutes to answer questions, but since most don’t, thank you, Google.


Google with good sense.



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