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For those in pain

Check out my new writing on pain called, “Pain is Such A Pain” on this site. It deals with the consequences of pain.

Pain is the everyday fare for a lot of people I know including myself.  I’ve been thinking about how it changes the way we live, feel and interact.  It has been a good exercise since I dissected it into more than one writing.  It’s a huge subject!  My pain is about to expand as I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and am getting ready for surgery.  So I am about to find out if what I wrote about cancer and what I wrote about pain is actually useable. It’s an exercise I could have skipped, but I will let you know how the scorecard works out.


Bullying is Everywhere

I was recently bullied by a doctor who yelled at me, repeated accusations several times, and would not let me speak. I was surprised to tears. Not the reaction I have taught our students and parents to take. Now I know how you feel when someone bigger or in authority cuts you down, so guys, I understand.

I’m ready for next encounter with the hands in front of the face act and saying stop.  You all became very good at it, and so shall I.

Youth Camping and Summer Project Advice

Camping with youth is fun but certain to be full of surprises, especially if someone with a disability registers. Early on, find out what this person’s needs will be so you can help everyone have a good experience.  My this-website article, “Camps and Projects Can Be Inclusive,” will help you know what to do first, second and  on….   Don’t wait until the last minute when you have to gasp and wring your hands. Find out now what to do! My big camping surprise was at a Methodist teen Cedar Bluff Camp near Coffeyville, Kansas where I served as registrar. We ran out of cabins, so a few of the staff slept outside on cots next to the stage area. Being a sound sleeper, I awoke and looked up from my cot to see EVERYONE carrying their Bibles as they walked past me, snickered and pointed.  Question:  Is it worse to be seen in bed during morning watch or to be seen in cute shorty pajamas scampering toward the cabin? Answer: Wait until the opening prayer when everyone had their eyes closed. Almost everyone.

Easter Essence

The Essence of Easter

No doubt about it, a present day death and resurrection would make the six o’clock news, and by morning there would be religiously correct points of view every few hours presented by a wide range of organized believers, non-believers or dis-believers.

As in the post-Jesus days, Christians would be claiming that they have discovered a different way of life that is better than that offered by the non-Christian world.  Then the fun would begin with disagreements all around about what the good news or better way of life means. Electronic media would flash the news, cyber-net users would interpret it, commentators would probe meanings and affirm or discredit the event. The stone rolled away from the tomb would be chipped into bits much like the Berlin Wall, and sacred relics might even be hawked and bought by a well-intentioned populace.

I am profoundly glad to live now, times away from the event of Easter with the benefit of great thinkers of the ages who have put the spirit of Easter into perspective. I am thankful for my childhood memories and training of Easter and for the saints who have helped me interpret my life under the Easter umbrella..

The Road Home Romance Collection

Silly me. I told my readers the wrong title of the newest book, calling it a series. It is a COLLECTION of romance novels. I do not qualify as an immigrant romantic in any of the four books included in the collection.  Each protagonist had energy, tenacity, health and courage. I have only two of four which reminds me of the silver bracelet my granddaughter made for me for Christmas containing “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. John Wayne” .  Great saying. Who knew John Wayne was so profound? On other subject, it was 83 degrees here yesterday, so I sat outside feeding my pet squirrels, watching the birds and celebrating spring green that has colored all our trees with pretty, new leaves. Hope springs eternal. Weather forecast is for freeze tomorrow, and most of the country is buried in snow.  If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.

Good Samaritan

Thanks to Nat at an Exxon station on I 10 for helping me when my car was completely out of oil. He not only got the oil, paid for it and put it in the car, but he put the hood down. Never in my wildest dreams of arms and muscles could I have put it down. Then I headed down to River Oaks Chrysler where they fixed the car.


There are still good people and helping deeds in the world, so I wanted to share this one.

The Perfect Job

If you have some Christian education background and would consider a 30 hour week job, my job is for you.  I will even train you in working with persons with functional disabilities. As director of special needs ministry at Chapelwood United Methodist
Church, Houston, TX, you would oversee some great programs, work with 70 plus trained leaders and have a great time.


Leaders, students, parents and friends sent me into retirement with a blast off party to end all parties. The words awesome and incredible come to mind. Only one hitch to the retirement: we haven’t found my replacement, so I’m still helping out.

I guarantee a friendly staff, volunteers and students. Contact me through comments on this page. Hurry. You don’t want to miss out.

Tooth Varnish

Had my teeth varnished today. Yep, She did it with a tiny, little paint brush right after she cleaned my teeth. Apparently, the special varnish absorbs into the “pores” or something like that of the teeth, thus making the enamel stronger.  It better work. Tastes terrible for overnight. Never heard of tooth varnish, so I had a first today. Wise in ways-of-life coaches tell us we should try something brand new often to keep us young. I feel younger already.


So far, my replacement as director of special needs at Chapelwood United Methodist has not walked up the sidewalk to open the door,  so I am planning ahead to re-launch the programs that discontinued through the summer.  August has always been the time when paperwork gets stirred with a big stick, so watch out copying machines.

Anyone out there with Christian education experience looking for a 30 hour week job? If so, you need us, and you need to apply now. Most enthusiastic people to work with, good working conditions, cheerful helpers, forward looking board of directors. Hey this sounds so good, I may apply. Don’t worry if you don’t have special education training; I can help with that on-the-job.

Meanwhile, I better get down to the office. Someone is coming to help organize our new hallway bulletin board. (Did I mention that we have a great facility and system for using it?)

Paul Simon Showed Up

The windshield people (as per last blog) stood me up, so we decided to chuck all of the repairs in the brink, take time off and go fishing.  Returned all relaxed and ready for some real entertainment at Jones Hall where Steve Martin and the bluegrass group kept us all laughing, foot tapping and and in general feeling up. We went with our son Robert and his wife, Regeana, so the trip was even more fun.  To top it off, there was a surprise visitor on stage who brought the house to its feet and cheers so loud they raised the roof. Paul Simon strolled on stage wearing his guitar (clothes, too, including his cute white hat), and entertained  with his music as well as that of the bluegrass.  What a treat! AND, part of the treat was that Circle of Friends parents had given us a gift certificate that paid for it. Free and fun. Can’t beat that. Thanks, parents.