About Naomi

I started this website because of many requests for information about disability programs.

With a degree in Christian education, I set out to do something important with my life. I’m still working on it. I write about things for which I have a passion.

As a disabled person and advocate, I’ve written materials to help others with similar needs and share the knowledge I’ve gained. I hope it helps you find your path as you explore.

My current passion project is also close to my heart. In the ensuing months I will offer a chapter at a time from my new book called, The Sacred Journey Through Cancer. My hope is it helps people do more than just ‘get through’ cancer. I want them to make it a sacred journey.

Have fun and come back soon.
Cheerio. Naomi Mitchum


Naomi resides in Houston, Texas with her geologist and bird-watching husband, Bob. They retired from the Circle of Friends, a program Naomi started (with a lot of help) for students with special needs at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

A avid fan of the Houston Symphony, Naomi “would go without food just to hear a good string quartet at Chamber Music Houston.”