Parents use of Bible

Students with special needs can learn to love and read the Bible in many ways. These tips can get you started.


  • Let them see you read the Bible for your own enjoyment. The way you use it every day teaches them more than you can believe.
  • Read to them selections from the Bible that they can understand.
  • When you read Bible stories from other books, always say, “This is a story from the Bible.” Persons understand Bible stories on different levels; it’s all right to “be” at any level.
  • Learn to line out verses. This method lets you point to a sentence, you say the sentence, then they say the sentence. They are actually reading the Bible. Use short verses or even one sentence.
  • Use listening participation. Have your child listen for a word and clap or stomp or hit the table (whatever your child is able to do) each time the word is heard.
  • Handle the Bible. Smell it. Feel its textures. Find a certain page. Underline the word Jesus on a certain page and have a treasure hunt for that page. This allows you to depart your sense of fun and pleasure in using the treasure book that is the BIble.
  • Develop a family practice of reading a Bible verse at mealtime. Well-chosen verses often open up conversation and daily-life applications of the verse you have read. Repeat one reading for several days.
  • Buy your child a Bible to hold and/or read. Select several appropriate options, and let your child feel them, smell them, open them and then decide which one. Make ceremonial-type ownership by writing your child’s name.
  • Read with your child who can read by helping with hard words and with encouragement.

copyright 2008 by Naomi Mitchum