Parent Information

Information for church leaders who are working with parents of special needs children.

It’s Important to Minister to Parents

Supporting parents and other caregivers of persons with special needs is one of the most important ministries a church can provide.

If you are just beginning your program, be aware that the parents/caregivers already present in the congregation as well as those who will come because of your program are looking for several things. First, they are looking for a caring, learning and spiritual environment for their child of any age. Second, they are searching for a caring, learning and spiritual environment for themselves. Third, they are also seeking fellowship with other parents with similar issues and needs. By working with parents and caregivers, the church can design an intentional and flexible plan to address these issues.

Ways the church meets the parent and caregiver needs vary, but I offer a few suggestions that have worked.

•  Chat groups for parents

The Church Ministers Through Respite Care

•  Parents Use the Bible