Published Works


Every Child Can Bloom in the Inclusive Classroom, Ramps’nthings Press, 2015

Harps in the Willows, Strengths for Reinventing Life, Chalice Press, 2001 (now out of print and offered from Ramps’nthings Press)

The Long Road Home Romance Collection, Judi Ann Ehresman and Naomi Mitchum, Barbour Books, Adobe Digital Edition, Kindle and MobilPocket Edition, 2014

Quick Look for Volunteer Emergency Responders, A Guide for Aiding Persons With Disabilities,  Ramps’nthings Press, 2012.

Cheerleaders for God and other Participation Stories, Ramps’nthings Press, 2016

Abingdon’s Intergenerational Programs, Plays, Readings, and More, Abingdon Press, 1991.

Fun With Drama: Skits and Such, Abingdon Press, 1987.

More Fun With Drama: Skits and Such for Youth, Abingdon Press, 1988.

The Christian’s Use of Leisure Time, Graded Press, 1986, LIFEBOX series. For early adolescents and their teachers. Textbook and forty-two adjunct learning centerpieces, games, cartoons, and record.

Helps for Adults Who Work With Children With Disabilities, 1994, Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church for Focus on Children Conference.

Get With It Spencer, for children, illustrated by Ann Kuhn, Ramps’nthings Press.

Scrumptious and the Magic Plaid Umbrella, picture book for child to self-illustrate, Ramps’nthings Press.

Bible Lessons for Life, illustrated by Karen Musick, for special needs adults and teens, 2004.

Thanksgiving is More Than Turkey, for special needs adults and teens, 2006.

Don’t Buy Dogfod Unless You Have A Dog, grandparent advice for older kids, 2006, Chapelwood United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas.


“Travels With Joan” for Among Friends Feature, Houston Chronicle, 2002.

Series, “Widening the Circle,” The United Methodist Reporter, 1999:

  • “You didn’t say anything, but I heard every word you said.”
  • “It’s Not In the Budget!”
  • “At Your Door Consultations and Workshops on Disabilities”
  • “Widening the Circle”

“Let’s Help Disabled Feel a Part of Christ’s Body,” The United Methodist Reporter, l995.


Mouth and New Soap, becoming a new person, 1981.

My! How Prayer Has Changed!, 1983.

The Thaw, family relationships, 1983.

Shoes That Keep You From Slipping, early teens, 1984.

Turning Point, early teens 1985.

Someone’s Whispering, early teens 1986.


Accent on Living, Cheever Publishing Company,

“Buying A Wheelchair,” July, 1989.

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, November, 1993:

“The Politics of Quilting”

The Equalizer

“Hidden Nuggets of Fun,” 1994.

“Energy Conservation,” 1994.

Spokesman Magazine:

“How to Buy a Wheelchair,” Canada, 1989.

From Graded Press, Nashville, Tennessee:

The Magazine for Christian Youth:

“Making New Friends,” September 1985.

Teacher in the Church School:

“Holy Heartburn,” a play, 1993.

Youth Leader Magazine:

“Laugh Out: Key to Creative Teaching,” 1981.

“Time Out,” a play, 1982.

Teacher and Counselor Magazine:

“Those Kids With the Tilted Halos,” discipline, 1983.

“Leaders Come In All Sizes,” developing youth leadership, 1983.

“Creative Non-Spending” how to design a creative youth program without money, 1984.

“To Be Continued,” weekly carry-over of ideas for irregular attenders, 1985.

“What Does That Word Mean?” how words stretch understanding and learning, 1986.

“Group Builders ” group dynamics and how to weld a group, 1987.

“What About Absentees?” taking steps to help absentees, 1985-1986

“Why Not Computers?”  how the computer may be used for fun in educational ways, 1988.

“Junkyard Party,” fun with junk, 1987.

“Disappointment Disappears,” playlet, 1988.

Leader Magazine:

“Dinner on the Grounds” the official Christian education week    celebration drama for the United Methodist Church, 1991.

“The Wet Blanket,” play for youth, 1994.

Bible Lessons for Youth:

“Musical Instruments of the Bible,” teacher enrichment article, 1991.

“Listening With the Third Ear” relationships and community building, enrichment article for teachers, 1991.

Bible Studies for Youth, 1994-95.

“Emmanuel: God With Us,” teacher book and student book.

Copyrighted Plays

Help Me! I’m Bent! two acts for children and families. Staged reading at Country Playhouse, Houston, TX, 2005.

The Masks, three acts, adult.

Say Something, Yaweh!, two acts, intergenerational.

The Rag Lady Series of puppet plays for chronically ill children (for Rainbow Foundation):

  • Thorndike and Rag Lady Try Imagination
  • Thorndike Goes Trash Canning
  • Thorndike Watches the Clock

Other Resources Online

“Parenting Children With Disabilities: What the Local Church Can Do,” General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church.

“On Greeting Persons With Disabilities, A Suggestion Manual for Ushers and Greeters,”  Worship Division of General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church.

“The Church Plans for Emergencies for Persons with Special Needs,” and WINGS, 2010.

“Include Disabilities in Your Church Emergency Plan,” the VOICE of the United Disability Connection, Winter 2013-2014, Vol. 4 No. 1.

“How Evacuation and Indoor Shelter Impact Persons with Disabilities,” the VOICE of the United Disability Connection, Winter 2013-2014, Vol. 4, No. 1.

Disability Resources,

Series Student Books, Teacher Guidebooks and related media kit design

Graded Press, Nashville, Tennessee:

People on a Pilgrimage, 1981.

Mark’s Scrapbook of Jesus, 1982.

Time Out With God, 1983.

To Love and Be Loved in the Family, 1983.

Myself As God’s Person, 1984.

A Man Called Paul, 1985.

Life Is Going Somewhere, 1986.

Junior High Curriculum:

“Fear: The Great What If?” 1979-80.

“Those Zig Zag Moods,” 1979.

“Hunger: Take a Positive Step,” 1979.

“Building Bridges for Communication,” 1980.

“Sights and Sounds,” a hands-on workshop of audio-visuals, 1980.


Wanted: Worship, Fellowship, Friendship, 1999.

The Welcoming Climate, Guidelines for Ushers and Greeters, 2002.

The Sunshine Buddy Book, 2004.

Changing Pictures, 2007.