Advocate With Social Media

a necessity

Used wisely, social media can advocate for you as you advocate.

How you use social media will depend upon your chosen option:  Is it self advocacy, case advocacy or are you advocating for a cause? Know exactly what you want or what you are offering before you decide your campaign or marketing plan. Have your advocacy plan written down and ready for reference.  (See, “Develop Your Advocacy Plan,” this site.)

Well planned social media can help you recruit collaborators, help you promote your educational ideas, call attention to your  group’s plans., and have fun If you have decided to be a one-person advocate, you can also get  help for that.  Know what you want to achieve before you go to twitter, facebook, utube, pinterest,  redditt, what’s ap, pod casts, or before you take to blogging or other media.

Expect social media to be a conversation, not a monologue.  Feedback is important for change in attitude and behavior. so you can’t just post something and forget it.  You post something and listen.


Timing is important, so have everything REALLY ready to go before introducing it on social media. The exception to this would be if you are using social media to recruit people to help you advocate.

Used wisely, social media can be your advocate as you advocate.