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I started this website because of many requests for information about disability programs. I share information from my degree in Christian education and  years of experience in both large and small Methodist churches.  As a disabled person and advocate, I’ve written materials to help others with similar needs, and share the information and knowledge I’ve gained. I hope it helps you find your path as you explore my site.

The Sacred Path Through the Scary Cancer Woods

My new offering is a book about the scary cancer woods. I started the book years ago but put it aside as life kept happening. Then one day I was diagnosed with colon cancer, Stage 3, high risk. Of the 43 lymph nodes removed only one was cancerous. Bob looked at me and said, “We are about to find out if the book you have been writing is true.” We did travel the sacred path in my cancer, and it is true, and five years later I am writing about it. We hope you will find something valuable for you. I am offering one chapter at a time as I finish them which you may share or download for free.




Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction and Meet the wolf in the woods and find out what he steals and what he can’t steal

Chapter 2:  The Sacred Walk: What Is It, and Who’s the Companion

Chapter 3:  Nurturing the Inner Life to Stay on the Spiritual Path

Chapter 4:  Creativity as Part of the Healing Walk in Cancer

Chapter 5: Fear with Feathers: Being Chicken in the Scary Cancer Woods

Chapter 6:  Family and Friends Walk, Talk and Act Cancer

Chapter 7: Fellow Walkers on the Cancer Path

Chapter 8: Ditches, Potholes, Cliffs and Trails Without Maps

Chapter 9: Sudden Drop Offs: Worries, anxieties, depression and talking to children about death

Chapter 10: Meditation Words-of-the-Day While Walking


Bible index

Footnotes and Notes






Don’t catch your breath.


There is a way to do more than just get through cancer. This book will introduce you to a sacred, creative, factual, research supported way of thinking about cancer.  It will show you how to walk a protected path through the scary cancer woods in the company of a God who never leaves you.  It is not a magic formula and does not guarantee healing but promises you company on the scary cancer path.

It promises to introduce you to a God of WITH who is sprinkled on the path like rain on a thirsty garden.

Learn a new definition for sacred

You’ll find out how to jangle your immune system

Learn a thought/word for the day to amuse and/or inspire you

And other things like dogs and drums you never thought were related to cancer or healing.


In addition, my website has a five tier personality.


In the current book section, you will find the following:

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