Drums Were A Pounding Success

Last week’s drum concert showed the audience that drums are fun as a group and that individuals love to make their own patterns, and they want to continue with another course of drumming. Tom Jaber brought some choir members to join the drum groups in a song, and the audience joined in for the last chorus. It was a triumph of learning in class as the leaders watched some students with speech impairments learn to count out loud and beam with accomplishment, and it was a triumph of self esteem at the concert when each performer excelled.  The same evening featured a talent show, and we watched as students showed how they had matured in the last few years. Most rewarding was  how the audience showed respect and silence when someone goofed or chickened out. This group shows love and affection without reservation.

If you’re thinking of starting a drum group, remember that drums need safe storage. The bigger the djembe, the more space required.

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